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Your information will be forwarded to the Office of Accessibility (OA). After your information is reviewed by our OA staff, you will be contacted to schedule an orientation appointment with an OA Staff.

  • The orientation appointment is about an hour and a half long (1.5 hours). 
  • Please upload your documentation below.
  • Please keep a personal copy of all documentation you submit to OA.
  • Submission of this accessibility request does not mean that you are registered with the Office of Accessibility (OA) or approved for accommodations.  Students must complete orientation, submit documentation that meets our guidelines, and be approved for accommodations to be registered with OA.

Please visit the OA Webpage to view our certification forms under the Documents and Forms section.

Accuplacer Testing for Incoming Students

Incoming students to Harford Community College must take the ACCUPLACER™  battery of tests if they do not have a qualifying SAT score of High School GPA.  This computer- adaptive test consists of Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills (Writing), and Math modules. Depending on your experience with Algebra, you may be given either or both of the Math modules. The test, although untimed, usually takes about 1 ½ hours to complete. 

The ACCUPLACER™ test requires no real computer skill to complete. All questions are answered by simply clicking the mouse on the correct answer. Hand held calculators are not allowed.  Test takers can access an on-screen calculator for certain math questions.   Tests begin with sample questions designed to illustrate the types of test questions the examinee will see during the test.

For the ACCUPLACER tests, do you require additional accommodations beyond extended time or an on-screen calculator for certain math questions?

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